Yossie Gove. Contact him at …
Great plumber. He made aliyah last year & lives opposite the Merkazi  shul.  He’s been in plumbing for many years.
His cell number is… Good luck.



Well you found him!


Yossie Gove worked for over 2 weeks at our house replacing all the old metal leaking water pipes for plastic pipes, installing a hot water heater (dud), replacing faucets and all this without the need to lift even a single floor tile! All the work done by him personally.


Completely trustworthy and working throughout the house even when we were away, and yes unbelievable he even cleaned up afterwards!


Shabbat Shalom,

Benjamin Philipson

Happy with High Water Volume and Pressure.


I would like to highly recommend *Gove Plumbing*.


Almost two weeks ago I had a major plumbing issue during the crazy storm that we had. *Yossie Gove* came to help me as soon as I called. He found the issue and corrected it for me, while outside in the pouring rain. He did a great job, was so pleasant to work with.... and even came back two days later at 6AM to help me with another plumbing issue!
He also speaks English, which made it much easier for me to explain the problem :)

Beth Mor


Hi Yossi,

Thanks again for the quick service call.  


Kol Tuv,


Yossie Gove is amazing. His number is ...
The only one we trust and has always guaranteed his work.

Talia Masri

Thanks for all your help.  I called Yossie Gove. 

He came a few hours later and immediately found the problem.  I highly recommend him…

Yossie can be reached at …

Shabbat Shalom!

We would highly recommend him for any plumbing job.




I would like to highly recommend the services of Gove Plumbing. He is efficient, professional, and reasonably priced. He advertises on page 75 of our yishuv phone book.

אני מאוד ממליצה על שרותיו של גוב אינסטלציה. הוא יעיל, מקצועי ומחיריו סבירים. הוא מפרסם בעמוד 75 בספר

טלפונים של היישוב.

Judy Blankenstein




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