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Due to the lack of proper insulating materials in buildings in Israel and the lousy quality of doors & windows here, homes during Summer are brutally hot and are freezing cold during Winter; almost worse than being outside. Water-based heating systems (properly known as Hydronic Boilers) are the healthiest, most comfortable and cheapest way to heat a home. The dry air from forced hot air systems (properly known as Furnaces) are very expensive to run and can cause all sorts of health issues. From head pounding sinus infections and colds to legionnaire’s disease to serious mold related illnesses, just to mention a few. Boilers come in two fuel consumption styles, gas or oil. Water-based heating systems in Israel consist of either radiators hung on the wall or radiant tubing installed below the finished floor.


Having worked on the northeast coast of the USA, Yossie has over 20 years of experience installing and diagnosing, literally, thousands of hydronic heating systems. Native Israeli boiler installers are 30 years behind the current heating technology in the USA. They have very little real experience in proper hydronic boiler installations because they rarely install or get the chance to work on these systems in Israel. If you are interested in installing a new hydronic heating system or renovating an old system, turn to Yossie; the true knowledgeable professional and hydronic heating expert.