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The installation & maintenance of your home's hot water system is not a simple matter. There are really many different options available today and every family requires something different; from solar to electric to gas, or a combination of them. Yossie is that expert that can determine the best hot water option for your family's specific needs.

In addition, Yossie installs, for safety and ease of maintenance, complimentary devices in each option beyond what the general installer puts in; resulting in major cost savings & a significant increase in durability of all the parts of the heating appliance and the life of the hot water system in general.

Due to the hardness of the water in Israel, regardless of how your hot water system is set up, it is of utmost importance for the functionality and long-term cost savings that it be regularly inspected (once a year) & maintained, keeping it working at its optimum level, conserving water, electricity and gas.

For example, there are several constant issues of concern with the dud: 1) the thermostat, 2) the heating element, 3) mineral/avnit build up, and 4) galvanic action. A simple inspection insures that your life has one less surprise than it has to.

Washing machines and dryers are some of the most used appliances in the home. Besides making sure that the appliances purchased were of good solid quality, machines that will last for years to come, it’s important that the person you choose to install these appliances and their waste, water and gas lines in the floor and walls is experienced and competent.


The choice could mean the difference between:

  •  A clothes washer that drains properly. Or one that is constantly backing up and flooding the whole laundry area and beyond.

  •  Hoses that hold the pressurized water like their supposed to for years. Or ones that keep on leaking and burst when you least expect them to, flooding your home.

  • Valves that open and close the way they’re supposed to, leaving you with a worry-free confidence when you’re gone. Or ones that won’t budge. Leaving you unprotected from a mishap while you’re away from home.

  • A dryer that does what you expect it to. Or an appliance that takes forever to get your clothes dry.

  • A laundry room that’s filled with lint everywhere or a room that’s clean and efficiently used.

Yossie is that professional, the smart choice that assures doing the laundry is only the chore it has to be, nothing more.