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The kitchen today is where families spend most of their time together. Your kitchen’s plumbing fixtures should ease your daily routine and enhance your ability to manage your family’s needs in a safe, fun and worry free environment.


Envision your dream kitchen.  A space…

  • with easily accessible, clean, odorless, great tasting filtered water and ice. Yossie installs filtration systems of 2, 3, 4, or 5 housing units that customize your drinking water; saving you the time, money and effort of having to constantly buy bottled water.


  •  free of scale/avnit build-up in and around all of your appliances. Yossie installs safe bio-degradable chemical and electric mineral softeners that can get rid of the majority of that gritty, ugly looking and destructive by-product of the hard water in Israel.


  • with deep stainless steel sinks that drain properly without getting clogged or releasing disgusting odors. Pull-out faucets that place the water where you need it and flow evenly. Soap dispensers that keep the counters clean and clutter-free. Yossie installs and repairs all kitchen hardware with an eye toward quality, functionality and cost savings.


  • with convenient, quite, leak free, efficient, long lasting appliances. Dishwashers that save you lots of time from washing pots, pans and utensils in the sink by hand. Pot fillers that make cooking so much less of an effort. Yossie is meticulous in his appliance installations which guarantees a longer lasting product and minimizes water damage over the long-term.


With some SMALL changes you could turn your kitchen experience from an unpleasant set of chores into quality time spent with the family.