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Appliances that use gas are the way to go. Electrical costs have been skyrocketing and there’s no end in sight.


A gas Bar-b-Que/Mangal in the yard is the height of family enjoyment in or out of your home…. Clothes dried in a gas-fired Dryer instead of the sun or electric Dryer leave your clothes color-safe, feeling soft and fresh from the moment you put them on…. The superior taste of food cooked over a Stove fire or in an Oven flame can’t be beat…. A gas-fired Instant Hot Water Heater/Junkers in conjunction with your Solar/Electric Dud is the best heated water solution you could ask for…. Gas-fired Fireplaces provide a cozy dirt-free space to relax and enjoy with your spouse or the whole family, providing residual radiant heat throughout the house….


The bottom line is, gas appliances shouldn’t be your second choice but your first, even if they didn’t give you superior cost savings. That they are better in every way AND save you money, should make the decision a no-brainer. 


That said, gas is not something to fiddle with. Gas, natural or propane, is one of the most dangerous substances in and around your home. It is VERY important that only someone meticulous and with many years’ experience should ever be called upon to work on any gas line or gas appliance. Yossie is that expert! Just another set of skills with which to help you enjoy your home.