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Using only the highest quality installation and replacement parts Yossie delivers the worry free and safe environment you expect from a knowledgeable professional.


He understands that: 

A tub should drain and hold water as desired, not leak through the ceiling below.

A shower should give you evenly balanced hot water, draining properly and spraying on you and not everywhere else.

A toilet should flush with ease and flow downward out of the bowl into the sewer, not vice versa.

A faucet should spray into the sink evenly, not as a trickle and not on you, and should drain without leaking all over the things in the cabinet below.


Yossie knows what it takes to give you that well deserved, relaxing experience when soaking in your tub at the end of a long exhausting day.


When clearing clogs of the indoor drainage or outdoor sewer system, Yossie uses advanced machinery to insure that the sewer and every connecting line is fully clear; including the use of high tech cameras to view the inside of your pipes to determine whether that persistent clog is a result of a crushed/broken pipe or some other issue.


Yossie only installs the best quality sewage ejector pumps for your basement bathroom and sump pumps for the grey water from your window well. The proper installation of only quality products is what you can always expect from him.