Welcome to Ask The Plumber. Your one stop shop for getting all your plumbing & hydronic (water-based) heating questions answered. We will:

Truly objective, we’re here to insure that before that unknown plumber or handyman comes through your door you already have:
1) A diagnosis as to the cause of your immediate problem & a solution to rectify it.
2) Some knowledge of how your new plumbing should be installed by code.
3) How the piping & mechanicals of your new boiler or zone should be connected & fitted.


Sadly, there are so many uneducated handymen & poorly trained plumbers out there. They use YOUR home as THEIR testing ground; leading to all sorts of damage as a result of their inability to properly diagnose the source of the problem & solve it.


By sending us a simple description & video of the situation in your residence or office you can have the peace of mind that your issue has been laid out, diagnosed & solved properly by a knowledgeable professional. We’ll even give you an idea of what a competent licensed plumber would charge to do the work. In fact, if we're in your area we'll be happy to do the repair or installation ourselves. Our training & experience is extensive. Look at our ‘About Us’ page to see specifics.



We charge a nominal fee of 95 shekel for a diagnostic & solution service and 695 shekel for a pipe riser diagram, isometric pipe drawing or boiler schematic. We give you a money-back guarantee of the diagnostic & solution given. You can’t beat these prices! Competent licensed plumbers charge upwards of 150 shekel just to show up at your door.


ASK US! I guarantee, after your first experience you’ll never call another plumber or handyman before you Ask The Plumber – your unbiased & truly objective licensed professional!

Give you an unbiased analysis & solution of any problem in your plumbing or heating systems.

Draw your permit required waste & water piping riser diagrams AND/OR design your isometric waste & water piping plan.

Layout the proper pipe & mechanical schematics for your new space heating boiler or additional boiler zone.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…


Follow this link to www.wetransfer.com


Load your video & send your request to yosi@goveplumbing.co.il


When received I will send a confirmation. Paying by BIT is fast and easy.

After payment is received, I will send out your diagnostic & solution or diagram as you requested.



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