Gove Plumbing / הכל זורם אינסטלציה, located in Yad Binyamin (Nahal Soreq Regional Council, Central District), is owned & managed by Yossie Gove.


(As of 2019) I’ve been married for 23 years to the most amazing woman this side of creation; who has, with God’s Grace, given me four beautiful rambunctious children. We made our dream of Aliyah a reality in July 2010 from Passaic, New Jersey, USA. I am a Torah-Observant Jew; honest, loyal, constructively critical, introspective, hard-working, community oriented & most of all, a family man.


I have mor than 25 years’ experience in the general construction trades; including over 23 years’ experience in plumbing & heating, specifically. I trained for four years as a plumbing apprentice & 2 years as a plumbing journeyman under the tutelage of a licensed master plumber while attending four years of NJ state plumbing school at night. After passing the three requisite NJ state master plumbing licensing exams, I established my own plumbing & heating company with 5 employees in New Jersey, USA. I operated it successfully (even while in Israel) until June 2014, when I decided to pass the day to day operations to my new partner Yoel Manticof of Dov Lavan, LLC. In addition to my professional American training, I have trained with professional Israeli plumbers; learning what the national codes are, what materials are available & how plumbing is practiced here, in Israel. In 2011, I opened Gove Plumbing / הכל זורם אינסטלציה. All work is done exclusively by me, with a meticulousness that’s backed by integrity and comes from a dedication to excellence. I have also studied Economics & Ancient Near East Studies in Yeshiva University, in New York City.


It would be my pleasure to help service any and all of your residential and commercial plumbing and heating needs. You can always rely on receiving excellent customer service from me. When you call, I promise to get back to you in a timely manner. I provide the highest quality services no matter what size the job. Whether you're in need of home plumbing maintenance or repairs, bathroom or kitchen remodeling, additions or new construction projects, or you need a commercial plumbing contractor for your latest building project; I am available to assist you. My company motto of ‘Honest, Professional, Craftsmanship’ exemplifies the pride I take in my workmanship. A diagnosis is determined before any work commences. I truly care about the welfare of each and every customer and strive to provide the worry free experience you deserve by working cleanly & efficiently to complete any service or project and guarantee your satisfaction. When choosing materials, I use only the highest quality installation and replacement parts available. In Israel, especially, that makes the difference between a solution that lasts a few months and a solution that lasts years.


“I don't know many who can say this, but I truly enjoy my work; meeting new people, going to new places and trying my best to help everyone I can while making an honest living -- it's a great way to live life!”

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